Our Mission

Following the example set by Jesus Christ, our volunteers at Philippians 2 strive to aid the growing homeless population in the Columbus Area by providing food, clothing, and basic needs to survive while they are "living off the land." As we naturally develop deeper relationships that reflect the individuals to facilitate transitions form the streets to indoor housing and provide the necessary education to help them maintain and succeed in their new lifestyle.


When we are in the field, we encounter a variety of situations and individuals. Our teams work together to contribute to the future of someone in need through:

  • Collecting and organizing supplies
  • Weekly visits to Homeless "Camps"
  • Preparing and serving free hot meals
  • Distributing basic needs, including food and supplies such as clothing, blankets, toiletries, and seasonal items
  • Arrangement of proper medical care
  • Guidance in obtaining documentation, proper ID, benefits, and more
  • Additional recovery resources
  • Assistance with transition into permanent housing
  • Offering prayer and hope